Union County fosters a feeling of security and personal safety through a visible, prepared and responsive public safety presence. Our Emergency Management, Emergency Communications, Fire Marshal's Office and Sheriff's Office work closely together to prevent and protect Union County residents from events that could endanger their safety, such as crimes and natural or man-made disasters.






Union County's Volunteer Fire Departments


Union County provides support for 17 volunteer fire departments (VFDs). These VFDs provide fire suppression and other related emergency services to all of Union County except the city of Monroe.

Our VFDs are Allen’s Crossroads Station 24, Bakers Station 19, Beaver Lane Station 8, Fairview Station 3, Griffith Road Station 13, Hemby Bridge Station 23, Jackson Station 25, Lanes Creek Station 11, News Salem Station 4, 5, 6 and 7, Sandy Ridge Station 12, Springs Station 15 and 16, Stallings Station 20, Stack Road Station 14, Unionville Station 21 and 22, Waxhaw Station 18 and 27, Wesley Chapel Station 26, 31 and 43, and Wingate Station 9.

From July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018, our VFDs responded to 15,423 total calls for service. That’s an increase of 4.7 percent from the previous year.







Social Workers Win Violence Prevention
Task Force Awards

Eight Union County Division of Social Services social workers and three members of the Union County Sheriff’s Office were recently nominated for Union County Violence Prevention Task Force awards.

Social workers nominated were Robin Vanderburg, Sandra Harkness, Angie Chambliss, Suzanne Lindsey, Tracey Woods, Crystal Harris, Sasha Holder and Karina Andersen-Clark. Deputy Will Blackwell (housed at DSS) was nominated in the law enforcement category along with Det. Pilar Nieves and Lt. Lori Pierce of the Sheriff’s Office. One Child Protective Services Social Worker, Crystal Harris, and Adult Protective Services Social Worker, Sasha Holder, were chosen as winners. They were selected based on specific examples of going “above and beyond” in aiding their clients who had experienced violence and maltreatment. 

The purpose of the Violence Prevention Task Force awards is to recognize the prevention and intervention efforts of colleagues in the fields of Sexual & Domestic Violence, Child Maltreatment, and Elder/Vulnerable Abuse. Anyone in the county can be nominated, and winners are chosen by the task force based on narratives showcasing their “above and beyond” intervention efforts.







Forest Management Agreement with NC Department of Environmental and Natural Resources

The County entered into an agreement with the State of North Carolina for Forest Management practices. The State provides 60 percent of funding in the amount of $143,199 and Union County pays 40 percent and an additional 16 percent for a Forest Fire Equipment Operator, for a total of $95,466 annually. 

Per the agreement, the State is responsible for employing a County Forester or County Forest Ranger for the purposes of controlling forest fires, detecting and extinguishing fires, investigating the origin of forest, woodland and field fires, enforcing State forest laws, taking such preventive measures as necessary to prevent forest fires, developing and improving forests through reforestation, promotion and forest management practices, and protection from insect and diseases.