Improvements we make today are investments in our community’s future.   As Union County’s population increases it’s important that we have the necessary systems and County facilities in place to meet the growing demand.





Twelve Mile Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade Project

Union County Public Works is in the process of upgrading the Twelve Mile Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. The project involves various advancements to the facility, taking the treatment capacity from 6.0 million gallons per day (MGD) to 7.5 MGD. These improvements will increase the treatment capacity of the plant to meet future short-term anticipated wastewater flows. The proposed improvements will also prepare the facility for future expansions: first to 9.0 MGD, and then to 12.0 MGD. Those expansion projects will meet the projected long-term wastewater treatment needs for southwestern portion of the County. 

The WWTP Expansion project includes:   

‚Äč♦ Upgrade and expansion of the influent pump station

♦ Replacement of the existing preliminary treatment facility with a new grit removal and odor control system

♦ Conversion of the existing biological treatment process to a diffused aeration system to enhance biological nutrient removal and provide additional capacity

♦ Replacement of the effluent disinfection system with a new high efficiency ultraviolet disinfection process

♦ Construction of a new residuals handling facilities which serves to stabilize and dewater the residual solids produced in the treatment process

The County awarded the contract to Adams Robinson Enterprises, Inc. in the amount of $36,673,000.00, which is the County’s largest capital improvement project in the last two decades.

Construction began September 2016 and targeted for completion in fall of 2019.






Yadkin River Water Supply Project

In the past year, the Yadkin River Water Supply Project (YRWSP) has made significant progress towards securing a long-term, sustainable water supply for Union County. The project will reduce our dependence on the Catawba River and support economic growth within Union County and neighboring regions. Accomplishments in FY 2017-2018 include:

♦Pump station concepts were completed, including architectural renderings of the site.

♦The property for the Water Treatment Plant was identified and negotiations to acquire the property were initiated. emotions

♦ A draft Lake Use Permit was submitted to Duke Energy. This permit will allow for construction of facilities that are in the lake or on the shoreline.

♦The YRWSP was separated into two projects: the intake facility and raw water pipeline and the water treatment plant and finished water pipeline. Union County selected the progressive design-build method to deliver the projects.

♦Preliminary route for the raw water and finished water pipeline were identified.

♦ Request for Qualifications (RFQ) was drafted to prepare for the selection of a Design-Build engineering firm(s).


The intake facility will house mechanical and electrical equipment to pump water from Lake Tillery in Norwood to the water treatment plant. The facility is planned to house up to five 1,250 horsepower vertical turbine pumps and three 50 horsepower vertical turbine pumps. However, installation of these pumps will occur in phases, as water demand increases in the future.


The raw water pipeline will transport water from the intake and pump station on Lake Tillery to the water treatment plant east of Unionville. The finished water pipeline will connect the water treatment plant to the existing Union County water distribution pipe network and will transport clean or ‘finished’ water to the network. The Union County water distribution network is the existing network of pipes that currently serve water to Union County water customers.







Union County CDBG program partners with Local Towns

Union County became an entitlement community in 2016 and began working with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to develop Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program to address needs and provide assistance to low and moderate income residents of Union County. As an entitlement community Union County receives a share of federal CDBG funds that can be used for a variety programs geared towards improving the lives of our residents through community development efforts. The County has partnered with the Town of Marshville, City of Monroe, Town of Weddington, Town of Wingate, Town of Stallings and the Town of Waxhaw to develop potential CDBG projects that provide impactful investments in across the County.  To date, the CDBG program will be used to provide increased pedestrian mobility through sidewalk improvements and improved public infrastructure by the construction or replacement of aging water & sewer lines.